Business development

  • Analysis of the current business model of the company with its further correction.
  • Customer base analysis:

– prioritizing clients by analyzing their total costs in a company;

– analysis of service agreements and corresponding insurance coverage;

– definition of the current credit policy by considering sales figures for previous periods (DSO), to assess the efficiency of receivables;

– assessment of customer satisfaction, reporting on previous years, and list of causes of loss.

  • Identification of potential clients, as well as maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with existing customers.
  • Making changes to the portfolio of products and services provided by the company.
  • Research of organizations and individuals on the Internet and social networks to identify potentially new markets.
  • Investigate the needs of other companies and identify those who make purchasing decisions.
  • Customer relationship support to inform new developments in the company’s products, as well as take part in negotiations.
  • Development of sales goals for the team and ensuring their implementation.

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